The CRC Giving Tree

Dining Hall Foyer

Our Dining Hall has historically been a gathering place of fellowship and nourishment for our retreatants and guests at the Christian Renewal Center. In late 2012 a new Giving Tree was erected on the left side foyer wall recognizing those who offer financial support for the ministry of the CRC with donations of $1,000 or more during any given year. With its beautifully sculpted trunk, doves, gold leaves and solidly anchored above the stones, our Giving Tree honors the sacrifice and generosity of those who contribute to the stability and continued growth of the mission and ministry of the Christian Renewal Center.

Each leaf dove, or rock displays the donor’s name or message.  Gifts may also be made in honor of a family member, friend, loved one, church or organization.

  • Donate a Leaf   $1,000 
  • Donate a Dove  $5,000 
  • Donate a Rock   $10,000


Caring Angels



Give Monthly and join the Caring Angels!

The CRC has a Caring Angels program for all interested supporters who are willing to make recurring monthly donations to our Holy Ground. Monthly gifts provide the CRC with much-needed sustainable, reliable funding in order to invest in our community, in our programs, and keep daily operations running. Your gift will make an impact in the lives of all who wish to grow in a relationship with our Lord while visiting the Christian Renewal Center.

For information on how to set up a recurring gift, call Yolanda Linky at 281-337-1312, ext 16.