Who we are

The Christian Renewal Center is a full service, dedicated Catholic retreat center conveniently located on 52 wooded acres south of Houston; long standing in the community and accomplished in both the hosting of Christian retreats for all ages and ethnicities, and the offering of formatted and directed retreats in both English and Spanish, intended for spiritual growth and a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. As is our catholic namesake, we seek to draw all peoples with the richness of their cultures to be one in Christ. The reality is- no one but Jesus Himself can do this- but with hearts open to Him, He can then move freely and do His marvelous work. And that is what the CRC is all about.

We are operated by the CRC Partners, Inc. and assisted by local lay ministers, clergy, and those devoted to Jesus Christ


Mission Of The CRC

"We are dedicated to ensuring a Christian environment where people can come together for spiritual renewal, reflection and growth as they seek to strengthen their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ."

CRC Retreat Partners, Inc.


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Map of the Grounds

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